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How to hire the right tax attorney for your specific  tax problem

Why you should NOT hire a tax lawyer  that "bills you by the hour"

Why you need to know about certain national tax resolution "firms"

Solutions to common IRS tax problems


3 Steps to Solving Your Tax Problem

Step One

Contact New York City tax attorney Charles Rosselli for a No Risk, Confidential Phone Consultation. We will review your tax problem and determine the steps needed to put your tax problems behind you, once and for all.

Step Two

If we decide that we are a good fit, we will investigate your tax problem by contacting the taxing authorities on your behalf.

We will also review your notices; determine the status of IRS collections; and review your financial information in order to advise you of the best solution to your tax problem.

Step Three

We implement the agreed upon tax resolution strategy. Depending upon the compexity of your tax problem, you will choose a flat fee, tax resolution package. By charging flat fees ,and NOT billing by the hour, you are never surprised by attorney fees.

Take the Next Step


If you want professional help from a local NYC tax attorney with a practice that focuses 100% on tax problems, then take the next step and contact us.


Serving the entire metro NYC area


We serve clients throughout the New York City area. We utilize technology to serve our clients.  Our clients can either schedule an in person appointment or handle their entire tax matter by phone, fax, and email. We look forward to helping you.



100% Risk Free Confidential Consultation with a Tax Attorney

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NYC tax attorney Charles Rosselli founded the Tax Problem Law Center to help those residing and working in the metro New York City area with IRS and New York State tax problems. Our one of a kind tax firm does not bill by the hour and gives you affordable solutions to put your tax problems behind you once and for all.